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  • Stainless Steel Cutting: Our Waterjet precision cuts through stainless steel with immaculate accuracy, making it an ideal choice for architectural features, custom metalwork, and more. Explore our gallery for stunning examples.
  • Aluminum Alloy Processing: Discover the versatility of Waterjet cutting with aluminum alloys. From intricate designs to precise components, our technology ensures a flawless finish. 
  • Stone Material Proficiency: Transform stone into works of art with our Stone Material Waterjet Cutting Service. Perfect for custom countertops, intricate sculptures, and architectural details.
  • PC Board Expertise: Precision meets technology in our PC board cutting. Our Waterjet method ensures clean, burr-free cuts for electronics and industrial applications.
  • Glass Crafting: Explore the delicate artistry of glass cutting with Waterjet precision. From decorative glass panels to custom glassware, our service brings your designs to life.

Seamless Splicing Basin

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According to the market demand changes and upgrades, from the very beginning of the undermount sink to integrated sink, and then to the most popular seamless splicing bathroom basin which we are presenting here, as well as from the product structure and quality performance, it is recognized, appreciated, and even sought after by consumers. It is to tell you how to effectively use the high precision of the waterjet to process the seamless splicing basin of the porcelain slab here.

What People Say

Kocodastone's Melbourne Waterjet Cutting Factory truly unlocks boundless creative opportunities, offering precision and perfection in every cut.
Mary Scott
Impeccable accuracy shines through in Kocodastone's Stainless Steel Cutting service, ideal for crafting architectural marvels and custom metal designs.
John Borthwick
Experience the flawless finish of Aluminum Alloy Processing with Kocodastone's Waterjet technology, accommodating intricate designs and precise components.
Jane Bill
Kocodastone's Stone Material Waterjet Cutting Service elevates stone into mesmerizing works of art, catering to custom countertops, sculptures, and intricate architectural details.
David Anderson
Precision and technology unite in Kocodastone's PC Board Cutting, ensuring clean and burr-free cuts perfect for electronics and industrial applications.
Susan O’Neill
Witness the delicate mastery of glass cutting come to life with Kocodastone's Waterjet precision, turning concepts into reality with exquisite decorative glass panels and custom glassware.
Ryan King

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