About Kocoda Stone

Kocoda Stone specializes in supplying, cutting, manufacturing and installing large porcelain panels (also known as Sintered Stone Slabs).

We also supply, cut, manufacture and install all type of Natural Stone and reconstituted stones.

Our own Large Porcelain Panels are crafted with precision and care, ensuring that they meet the highest Australian Quality Standards for durability and aesthetic appeal.

“We at Kocoda Stone are all about 4 important things; attention to detail, reliability, good old fashion service and good value for money in all our transactions with customers and continual customers”.

By dealing directly with Kocoda Stone you save time, inconvenience and extra costs associated with dealing with a third party.

Kocoda Stone is focused on the cutting services and solutions, water jet cutting is a technology that uses high-pressure water, typically mixed with an abrasive material, to cut through a variety of materials such as slabs, panels, tiles, stone, glass, plastic and metal. The process involves pressurizing water to a pressure of up to 90,000 PSI and then directing it through a nozzle to create a concentrated stream of water that can cut through the material. The abrasive material is added to the water stream to increase the cutting power and precision of the machine. Water jet cutting is a highly efficient and accurate method of cutting, it is also a popular choice for cutting materials that are sensitive to heat and easy to crack, such as panels, tiles, stone, glass, plastics and composites, as the process does not generate heat.

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If you are interested in the very competitive price and learning more about our porcelain panel products, also how we can support your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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